History repeating itself over and over again…

I have always had an interest in real world issues such as politics, poverty and war. A couple of years ago I began reading much more on these topics but this year it has developed into a real passion. It has opened my eyes up tremendously. 

I began to read about the origins and you soon realise that there is a continual economic war between the elites of empires spanning hundreds of years with all sides using the similar policies to control us:

  • Divide and rule. Even though people of the world have essentially the same needs and wants and would happily coexist the elite use religious, racial and economic differences to insight hatred and fear among us, thus distracting us from the real cause of injustice, namely them.
  • Force and rule. The elite have paid off armed and police forces to quell any protests.
  • “Democracy”, perceived wealth and rule. They have convinced us that we have power via a vote and provided credit to masses to buy stuff. This is the cheapest way to prevent rebellion and then public on the whole trust government. However any policy that affects wealth is completely out of our hands, it’s made by a government who look after elite interests. History tells you it’s always been like that.

When the elite go to war their hidden agenda is always to do with economic interests. It’s never what the mainstream media portrays. The elite will convince you to fight and die for your country but you are fighting to increase or maintain their “wealth”. Remember it’s the lives of ordinary families on both sides that are destroyed by war.

At present the 99% are not allowed to learn from the past. They have been distracted and convinced that consumerism (drives world trade and elite wealth) will fulfill all their fantasies. However generation after generation the moneylending elite continually use the same tactics to fund wars or some sort of market bubble which eventually will lead to an additional wealth and power transfer to them.

Here goes!

Origins of the world socioeconomic system.

After several years of questioning the socioeconomic framework that underpins the foundations of my way of life, I am attempting to blog about it. Whether anyone reads this or finds it interesting is another matter but I just need to get these ideas out of my head and written down.

After much reading my distrust and questioning of this now world system comes from this:

  • Some of the wealthiest families and the organisations/corporations/banks they run today made their profits on the back of human exploitation during the European empires. What they value above all else is wealth which in today’s supposed democratic world still allows them control of people, finance and resources.
  • During the 400-500 years of the European empires, there was the murder of millions of indigenous peoples, human slavery and environmental costs all in the name of profit.
  • What many people fail to realise was that royalty all over Europe allowed investors to setup companies (eg. East India Companies, the birth of the multi/trans-national corporation) to exploit these new lands and the people living in them. Another crucial point that should strike a cord in all of us is that during these extremely prosperous years for the empires the majority of Europeans lived very poor lives. The elite did not share this new found wealth with their own people! This is why I get so angry when I hear of nationalist pride of the European empires from working-class people, which I consider myself to be part of.
  • Why after hundreds of years did these companies who sold their products to a relatively few wealthy people in the world start including us in their business plans? Remember this began only a relatively short time ago but it has allowed for even more profit! It has resulted in modern day mass consumerism, which we are all addicted to without knowing but this has allowed the vicious resource-stripping of poorer “independent” countries to continue and actually increase.
  • Empires no longer exist in the traditional sense but the majority of resource-control which is what empires are all about are in the hands of a relatively few European/American corporations/banks.
  • We all have to work but the reason why we work is to generate profit for a corporation and its investors, not to progress humanity in a constructive and environmentally sustainable way.
  • Remember profit, profit and even more profit is all these people care about. This is no exaggeration they will literally kill for it! This is why I have started to question my way of life and you should to. We working-class worldwide should stand as one to change the system.

I will expand on all the above points in future posts. Thank you for reading.