Indian indenture system

The British government are commonly praised for passing the Slave Trade Act in 1807, prohibiting the trade of human slaves in the British Empire. European imposed slavery had resulted in the transportation of millions of Africans to labour in plantations setup within new found European colonies in the Americas, West Indies and Asia. However theContinue reading “Indian indenture system”


This worldwide coronavirus imposed lockdown is the necessary crisis to now allow the inevitable collapse of mass consumption based Capitalism that I wrote about in 2018.(1) So let me give you some information to ponder on. In 2009, PREDICT a research program, part of the Emerging Pandemic Threats program, funded by the United States AgencyContinue reading “PREDICT… More like RELEASE.”

Empire and Capitalism, two different sides of the same exploitative coin.

With a few examples I hope to begin to convince you that European based empires and Capitalism went hand in hand. Columbus began Spanish based colonisation in 1492 by making landfall in the Bahamas. The area was named the West Indies and inhabited by “Indians” as the Europeans believed they had landed on the coastContinue reading “Empire and Capitalism, two different sides of the same exploitative coin.”

Response to GreatestTruthNeverTold

I have seen many of your videos and agree with many of your views but we are a social species, not solitary like tigers. We need each other to survive, we all have a responsibility to work together in communities to provide the basic needs of all, which for me are the maintenance of food,Continue reading “Response to GreatestTruthNeverTold”

The role of Quantitative Easing

This post is part of “The role of…” series that I am writing to describe an immoral and unstable monetary system that drives all human activity to service debt. This post will highlight a key process used to currently prop it up. Quantitative Easing (QE) has been implemented by 4 of the world’s most prominentContinue reading “The role of Quantitative Easing”

History repeating itself over and over again…

I have always had an interest in real world issues such as politics, poverty and war. A couple of years ago I began reading much more on these topics but this year it has developed into a real passion. It has opened my eyes up tremendously.  I began to read about the origins and youContinue reading “History repeating itself over and over again…”