Response to GreatestTruthNeverTold

I have seen many of your videos and agree with many of your views but we are a social species, not solitary like tigers. We need each other to survive, we all have a responsibility to work together in communities to provide the basic needs of all, which for me are the maintenance of food, water, shelter and health. If everyone contributed some of their working week to these then we could all have a share with no need to exchange money. The rest of the week could be spent on what makes you an individual, be that music, sport, making something, spiritual pursuits etc.

What makes you think that someone else should provide these basic needs for you while you pursue earthly material pleasures, are you worth more to society than another person? The European feudalists certainly thought so and the first act of William the Conqueror in 1067 was to declare that every acre of land in England now belonged to the monarch. As no human can live without land it forced the masses to become subservient to the landlords. Over centuries this was enforced through mass violence, tax laws and the “blessings” of the church who provided the monarch the “divine right to rule”. Over time they became more greedy, wanting Eastern spices, clothing and goods and more land. Both needed increased access to silver and/or gold based coin to pay merchants and hire mercenaries for armies. In fact William the Conqueror invited jews to England and the area in London became known as the “Old Jewry”, they provided the debt for the Royal’s rule using death. They eventually expanded their rule globally through Imperialism and invented the Company through which they privately own global production (Capitalism). The debt and death paradigm as you aptly describe our system has been with us for centuries.

The notion that humanity is greedy is a false one, for centuries 99% were peasants who then became industrial workers and throughout had to make do on very little. Material abundance was only for the “upper” class. The working classes were revolting in the late 1800s to early 1900s and had enough of private rule, they wanted equality. This is where the Socialist movements came from and its why its so demonised in the Western press. They also funded the Bolshevik Revolution (Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revoltion by Antony C. Sutton), called it Communist and then allowed a dictator to go on a killing spree. Its only since post WW2 that mass consumption has been pushed onto the European and US working classes. Thats because Capitalists need consumers for their profits and lenders get their debt repayments and therefore continued wealth, power and status. The masses now believe they are rich, most have a house, fancy car, go on multiple holidays etc and therefore love their rulers (without seeing as being ruled, because apparently this is democracy) but are massively in debt. This would predictably prevent people from seeing an alternative way of life. However we are now contributing to the pillaging of lands around the world by our manipulated greed. Our fellow workers are committing suicide, its destroying environments and polluting our world.

This is why the Capitalist notion of abundance for all cannot be. We can all consume but it must be sustainable and thats what many communities of the past realised. They didn’t have money, they shared their produce, they may not have had all these gadgets but there was community. It comes down to how do you want to live, are we really in this universe to just consume at whatever moral cost?

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