The controlled collapse of mass consumption based Capitalism

We are at a crossroads in human history. Before this the largest being when the hierarchy began to solely derive their power from monetised global private production as opposed to local feudalism, forcing masses to industiralised centres and causing huge amounts of poverty and death. The Fed is ramping up interest rates after the usual period of encouraged borrowing, purposely inducing the next recession. The graph below shows previous recessions in grey, post rate increase. However this time with private, government and corporate debt at massive levels this will lead to fundamental change!

What is driving this change?

  1. The architects who financed the countless European based wars throughout the ages have enriched themselves and then managed to jump ship to the next power when the nation/royal/hierarchy has become too indebted or they to have gone down with the ship. A Previous example being the “Edict of Expulsion” in 1290, expelling the money lending Jews from England only to be replaced by the apparent “moral” Christian Peruzzi and Bardi usurers who had access to gold coins known as Florins which had the purchasing power that European hierarchy required for war. Unfortuantely for the European masses the greed of King Edward III and other private owning individuals caused a financial collapse. As various European based nations began to set their sights on the take over of the lucrative spice trade through a combination of extreme violence, bribes and tariffs, private money lenders saw their chance again. A look at the history of global reserve currency gives an indication which empire controlled the majority of trade at the time. However where the financing actually came from is another story and this notion that in a monetised world even a sovereign state cannot function without foreign financing is not recognised by 99%. They just believe their own government prints money! Even though the pound sterling officially lost its reserve currency status it has remained strong. Why? because even after the empire was officially disbanded huge amounts of offshore transactions still occur via the City of London and various former colonies eg. Cayman Islands. Currently the Dollar is the reserve fiat currency for trade such as oil and many other commodities backed by its huge armed forces. Nations are then forced over a barrel to produce goods that can be exchanged directly for dollars or are at the whim of exchange rates and so can easily be controlled by hidden financial lenders. However the debt attached to this currency is becoming more and more unserviceable for many nations, hence hyperinflation in Argentina and Turkey etc. So is that time coming again where the private owners of the money lending system eg. IMF want to change the currency to a new one, a global currency?
  2. With Capitalism reaching its exploitative peak in regards to human, animal and environmental, have the private global owners realised that the extremely polluted world can no longer sustain this current system and intending to collapse it. However it will be done in such a way that governments will tell us we were only following what voters wanted eg. Brexit, US-China trade war. With so many right wing extremist governments being voted in, its only time that the world will be at war but this may be like one we have never seen where there may be civil wars everywhere as trade collapses and everyone fights over what is left to survive on. The question is how the rulers will survive this, these dynasties have survived 2 previous world wars so i’m sure they have plans.
  3. With global trade collapsing the use of mass human workers or buyers/consumption is no longer necessary. The rulers only require enough workers to support their consumption and with the advancement of robotics you will only need those humans that can help maintain them. Robots do not need workers rights, can work 24/7 in any conditions and do not need entertainment to keep them distracted from their lack of fulfilled lives.
  4. Last but not least this is a bit out there but the story of the formation and expansion of Israel could be a factor. At the height of World War 1 in 1917, The British Empire decides to make the Balfour Declaration deciding that the Zionists should be granted land in Palestine. Odd considering the history of Jewish hatred in Europe and US perpetuated from the very top to the masses. The following 100 years has seen this tiny area continue to have huge backing from European and US powers and its current leader, Netanyahu is stoking the fire with Iran. Is it all in the plan? The existence of Israel is important not only to Judaism but also to fulfill Christian and Islamic prophecy (maybe a reason for Saudi support?) All require an apocolyptic/armageddon event where non-believers are wiped out! Whether those preaching a religion believe it or not, it has always been a way to control the masses into obedience and war against other peoples.

Whatever the reason we have an insane scenrio where governments that apparently now represent the masses still uphold a system that is deliberately and periodically crashed. Even the Western based masses whose purchasing power was artificially increased post WW2 via fiat currency to provide the buyers necessary for the debt-based Capitalist system are now seeing this reversed. The private owners of the world have used propaganda on a mass scale to distract, deceive and divide the working masses into thinking private ownership in the hands of the very few through death was/still is good for everyone. All I know is that the future looks bleak unless enough wake up and take control in an organised way through communal, sustainable ownership. Where we all contribute in part to the basic human needs of all and then once that is in place we can decide how human society progresses in terms of wants.

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Author: pursuitofsatya

In pursuit of truth

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